Originally from Humacao, a small town in the East coast of Puerto Rico, I was fascinated with drawing and painting since an early age. Although self-taught, an insatiable curiosity guided me in experimenting with different media; including pencil, ink, tempera, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. A life-long bird-watcher, many of my first paintings were birds completed in tempera.

While still a child my family moved to San Juan. At age seventeen, I entered the University of Puerto Rico and progressed to the Natural Sciences Faculty as a Biology major. College years served to accentuate my admiration and respect for nature; my work's favorite subject matter. For most of my life, I kept "regular jobs" in San Juan and Miami; while constantly painting just for the pleasure of it. After retirement from formal work, moved to Henderson, Nevada where I began to exhibit my work at diverse venues; having a number of solo expositions. Thanks to the kindness of a fellow painter  (Zulia Gotay Anderson
some of my works were sold at galleries in Padre Island, Texas. For several years I was honored with the presidency of the Henderson Art Association.

A year ago, with my wife Isora, moved back to Florida. Now living in Punta Gorda, I'm concentrating my work in nature and people oils. Hopefully this website will help you enjoy some of my work from the comfort of your house or work place. Your comments and opinion are always welcome!  

Miguel Font, 2017

Miguel Font
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